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  Rubber joint at the time of using easily preserved by corrosion using years of life is short, in order to improve preparedness progress as far as possible to take care of the role, in practice often chooses two or above and with different mechanism of the stabilizer, or choose the same guard to take care of the mechanism of the stabilizer and as far as possible, or to choose according to the different mechanism of action on the same molecular groups of stabilizer at the same time, there are three kinds of effect after using.Oppositional effect refers to that when two or more anti-aging agents are used together, the protective effect is smaller than that of them. The sum of the effects of self-use should prevent this phenomenon from happening in practice.
  Studies have shown that when acidic and alkaline antisenders are used together, because both will attack a compound similar to salt, due to the headstand effect.In addition, the general chain - breaking anti - aging agent and some sulfides, especially polysulfides between head - to - head effect.The addition of polysulphides to natural sulfide latex, which is rich in 1% 4010NA, improves the oxidation efficiency, which is also the opposite effect.The addition of trisulphides to the naturally occurring latex, which is rich in aromatic amines or peroxide sulphides of blocked phenols, also has a similar effect.The occurrence of antagonistic effect is closely related to the structure of sulfides. For example, diene-chain sulfides and anti-aging agents have obvious antagonistic effect, while din-butyl sulphides and trihexyl trisulphides have no antagonistic effect.In general, the effect of monosulfide is less than that of polysulfide.In rubber, carbon black not only has the function of oxidation inhibition, but also helps oxidation.The decrease in sodium content of chain-breaking antioxidant carbon black, or the decrease in the effectiveness of carbon black antioxidant preparedness in trying to take care of aging, clearly marked the onset of opposing effects between them.



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