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  Rubber joint was revealed the cause of the crack seam is due to the strength will lower the head, then hypothesis is cementing method is not accurate, in a flexible rubber joint strength will be more low, such as operation, grinding. And the next layer of cloth, burnish excessive, not enough lap length, number of steps, in a flexible rubber joint function of the rubber is very bad or sulfur has since lost service, wire rope grinding excessive, rust, etc., the strength of the joint parts will be big discount, when using, flush joint parts easily broken.Under the same material condition, the strength of the conveyor belt joint is lower than that of the normal belt body.
  To prevent cracks in flexible rubber joints, we should pay attention to take care of them in daily use, according to the above mentioned manipulation is ok, we have the opportunity to reduce the event of disconnection.When we join in mechanical way, joint strength can only reach forty percent to fifty percent of the belt body strength, the way of cold glue quality is better, in a flexible rubber joint strength can reach sixty percent to seventy percent, and the intensity of hot glue joint can reach eighty percent to ninety percent, to guarantee the accuracy of the method of joint, there is no lack of quality.There are easily caused by the cause of cracking, assuming that the conveyor belt is not feel appropriate and the use of sealant, or glue joint direction is not accurate, joint parts exposed cracks of the material situation is normal.



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